Friday, March 19, 2010

Boondock Retirement Home

So, the Elephant and I settled in for a Saint Patrick's Day celebration last night. Yes, a day late, but Wednesday was a busy class day, and Netflix hadn't sent us Boondock Saints II yet. We settled down with some pizza and Jameson whiskey in cranberry juice and gushed over the first Boondock Saints. It was only my second time seeing it. I noticed a lot more (and a lot more made sense) the second time around. Definitely a movie that takes more than one watch.

For instance, when Yakavetta closes his gun just before going in to shoot Rocco, did you notice that it echoes three times? Think about the ramifications of that for a second. Now, back to your regularly scheduled entry!

After watching the first one, we popped in the second one. The best part of the movie? The very beginning. With Rocco. That was about it. It went downhill from there. Very much downhill. The actress that played Eunice was grating on the nerves. Her accent was atrocious, as was her acting. A Smecker Wannabe. They even played a song with lyrics expressing "Wannabe" later on in the film as she walked down a "firefight!!!!!" scene.

The Elephant complained a bit about how Sean Patrick Flanery got old in ten years. I really didn't mind, but I did mind his acting ability. "We're going to shout for the entire movie because we can!"

Also, Romeo? I'm sorry, but making this a melting pot just didn't work. Let's invite the Mexicans and Italians to sleep in the Irish bed! Romeo was an irritating character as well. Almost as bad as Jar Jar Binks. Too bad the guy that played Romeo didn't do Jar Jar Binks. That'd be at least funny. "Mesa Jar Jar Binks! Mesa have contacts all over Bean Town!" (quote a la the Elephant)

The movie sang a total love song to The Untouchables and The Godfather. While amazing movies in their own right, they should not come close to Boondock Saints. They just don't mesh together. There was too much shlapstick, the acting was terribad, and the one-liners sucked monkey...well, you know.

I know a lot of friends are dissing on me because I disliked it, but there just wasn't the heart and thought behind Boondock Saints II that there was behind the original.

Boondock Saints II: The Search for More Money!


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