Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crafting Smorgasbord

I've been spending some time the past few weeks planning out Christmas presents (yes, Christmas presents) I plan on making. Why, you ask? Because the Elephant and I are going home the beginning of December and I'd like to give certain people presents when we visit. You know, parents and my best friend and the like. Why make them, you ask? Because I love to craft. And it's something to keep me busy [outside of WoW].

My mother told me about this crafting site she bought some angel wings from for Seashell Angel Ornaments she loves to make, since she can't find them anywhere else, and I figured I'd browse the site to get some ideas.

All I can say, is, I really wish I had the money to spend on half of the stuff on there. It's like a feast laid out with your mouth watering, and you're only allowed to eat the green beans.

No, seriously. If I had the money, and the space for a personal craft room, I'd have most of it. I just wanted to share that.

On a side note, whenever I finish the presents for people, I'll take shots and post them. After they get the presents of course, just in case they should happen to stumble across my blog.


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