Monday, August 31, 2015

Time For Super Snacks

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Stropp from Stropp's World had a prompt for Blaugust I found interesting:
Find a funny or insightful video about games or gaming culture and link or embed it in a blog post, along with enough words to satisfy the Blaugust rules.

I consider this video a classic. Whenever the inevitable conversation comes up of, "What are some of your favorite YouTube videos?" I always pull this one out (along with the Star Wars one that cracks me up every single time).

Illegal Danish (and the subsequent videos) are funny, regardless of whether you've played video games or not. Granted, it's much funnier if you have, and funniest of all if you have memories of vanilla WoW (though, coming from BC, I got all the jokes as well).

I especially related to the Druid bit. I always wanted to try feral, but even in BC, a lot of the groups I joined had an extreme stigma against druids doing anything but healing. It was a bit annoying, especially when I really started to delve into tanking and DPSing, because I loved the play style.

It's been a while since I watched this one, and I want to re-watch the rest of them, too. Are there any funny machinas you'd suggest?

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Warrior, Here I Come!

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I really need to try to get a better shot of her at the end of dungeons...

Chaide and I finally hit thirty tonight in Final Fantasy! Last time we played was way back when I bemoaned the fact that we were stuck at level 29.

Tonight, however, thanks to Sylver (a WildStar guildie who's playing over with Greysky, now) and Keryn, we moved beyond that barrier!

We logged in, thinking we'd do some quests over in Little Ala Mhigo, but Sylver told us that if we wanted to run a dungeon or two to let her know. She's been working on various classes and thought it'd be fun to run a dungeon with us, especially since she's loving the Black Mage to death.

So Chaide and I decided that since we were so close to level 30 that running a quick bit of Haukke would get us there. And it did! I still don't know the dungeon all too well, but thanks to Keryn, I think I could do a better job finding my way around and taking care of the pulls.

Chaide and I also ran a second dungeon later this evening to help Sylver get her healer leveled. We ran a quick Copperbell with her and Deafening (another WildStar guildie who's playing over with Greysky--he's been playing the game for quite a while and transferred over), and helped her level her healer about one and a half levels.

It was great to spend time with them in a slower-paced environment than WildStar. Don't get me wrong, I love WildStar, and it's my main game at the moment. But it's such a frenetic pace, sometimes, that it can be difficult to take it easy and just laugh and BS with each other. So that's what we did, tonight.

We also did our level 30 quests for our main classes, but that's a different post for tomorrow. Next on the agenda: get Gladiator and Conjurer up to level 30! Well, after doing the anniversary event tomorrow evening!
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