Friday, February 23, 2018

#IntPiPoMo 2017 Results are In

The List

Thank you to the few folks who participated in 2017. I don't know if there just wasn't a draw for folks to participate this year, or if there's a larger "nobody really blogs anymore" thing going on, (or maybe I didn't advertise enough) but there was sadly a downturn in participants. So I want to call out these wonderful folks as bloggers that attempt to keep a regular pace with their blogging. (If you're unsure what #IntPiPoMo is, you can check out the starter post for 2017, and mark your calendars for 2018!)

  • GamingSF
  • Going Commando
  • Inventory Full
  • Memoirs of a lady
  • MMOWayfarer
  • Nomadic Gamers, Eh!

  • Some Stats

    Even though there weren't many participants, I wanted to give some statistics like I normally do on the wrap-up.
    • Six (6) total blogs participated in this challenge (Seven (7) if you count my own shaky participation). This is approximately half of the number that participated last year (14).
    • All particpant blogs posted at least 5 images.
    • Five (5) blogs posted at least 25 images.
    • Five (5) blogs posted at least 50 images.
    • Three (3) blogs went above and beyond the 50 images.
    • The highest number of posted images was 94, followed by 77, and then 73.

    The Winners

    I offered up prizes again this year, so let's review what they were, and the winners!
    • Grand Prize - Of all participants who complete 50 photos, I will be using a RNG ( to draw a winner for a Steam game worth up to $15! This is also exchangeable for an MMO subscription.
    • Three Other Prizes - Of all participants to complete the 25+ photos (up to and including those who make it to 50 pictures), I will be using a RNG ( to draw three winners for a Steam game worth up to $10! And the winners are... Well, for this one, that left one person out in the cold, so, every single participant that posted at least 25 shots is going to get goodies this year! That includes (in alphabetical order):

    I'll be reaching out to everyone via Twitter (or other contact if you didn't list a Twitter account on sign up) to dish out prizes!

    Thank you again to everybody who participated. I'm hoping next year we have a renewed interest in participating!

    Monday, December 25, 2017

    Dec '17 Gaming Goals

    Cutting it Close

    She's dreaming of a white Christmas.
    I realize that there's only a week left in December, but I wanted to try to set a few goals for myself for the week, especially since life will be a bit lighter than usual. It'll also focus the free time I have available.

    The Goals

    So, here we go! What do I want to try to accomplish this last week of December?

    World of Warcraft

    There's a few of the holiday achievements I don't have that I'd like to work towards, however, I also don't have other stuff unlocked/obtained to work towards them (again, I've talked about it before, but if achievements are going to be account bound, they should damn well be actually account bound!!). Such as the reputation with Ogri'la, a Gaudy Sweater, a Crashin' Flyer, the Iron Armada set, etc.
    • Level Arraign (Horde DK) to 90 towards "Quintessential Quintet"
    • Level Chestnaught (Alliance Warrior) to 55 towards "Double Agent"
    • "Crashing' & Thrashin'" achievement
    • "Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's" achievement
    • "Let It Snow" achievement
    • Obtain a Globe Yeti (since I just found out about them, oh, yesterday)

    Secret World Legends

    • Get Ky (Chest? I'm not sure how to refer to her...) to level 5
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