Monday, May 4, 2015

Yardcore Nexus | Episode 3 - Proxima Dust

My Yardcore Nexus series has been picked up at QueueTimes, and I've been brought on board there as a contributor! They're awesome, however, and are letting me post my Yardcore videos on my personal blog, too. I will be creating a weekly Let's Play on Mondays for Shadowrun Returns, so you can catch those only over at QueueTimes! Though I'll ping a note via Twitter when they go up.


Proxima was a wonderful sport and stepped up as the third volunteer (despite microphone and technical issues) for my new project, Yardcore Nexus, where I tour a plot in WildStar and interview the creator! 

Get in touch with Proxima:
WildStar Forums
In Game - Proxima Dust


Want to be a part of Yardcore Nexus? Contact me with your character's name on Entity and we'll set up a time!


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