Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

As I've mentioned before, one of the most gorgeous things about WildStar is the scenery. While working on my attunement, I had to go out to an island in Malgrave and fight a big slug guy. The beach there was gorgeous.

There aren't very many beach settings in-game, especially since there aren't really mass-water effects for housing plots. So finding a gem like this is worth it. All it needs is a little hut!

I really didn't want to leave the island at all, but I needed to so I could work on some of my gaming goals and pass some time. I wish there was an easy way to port back to exactly this spot!


  1. Nice. Is that a housing plot, or did I misunderstand?

  2. Nope, this is out in the game-world in the Malgrave zone. There are sadly no water building blocks (yet).

  3. I love the little things you can stumble upon in the world in various games that the Devs almost want you to find.


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