Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Gaming Goals: January

I've been enjoying putting together this gaming goals thing I decided to try out in June. It's helped me focus my time and come up with blog posts. Life has remained at a constant busy-level thanks to work, so my goals are going to remain small for now.

I got this in the bag.


  • Get my last AP (48 total) point!
  • Rune out my DPS set with class runes (pants)
  • Get my tanking set figured out on Chestnut
  • Level up alts to burn up all the rested XP they have


  • WAR 50
  • PLD 40
  • ARC 25
  • CNJ 20


  • Finish the bloody Blue Mountains already


  • Finish Tokiwa's endings and date scenario (Men of Yoshiwara)
  • Finish Kagura's endings and date scenario (Men of Yoshiwara)
  • Play some more Shadowrun Returns and get the videos over to QueueTimes
I think I'll be able to manage most of what's on the list. It's fairly condensed, so it should be fairly manageable. As usual, though, we'll see what's actually attainable.


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