Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BAST: World of War-crafts?

Edit: This topic is a BAST topic scheduled for September 5-11th. While it will stay here, I wanted to link back to the topic-at-hand for those that are interested in reading other topics when they are posted. Please check other posts out!!

I apologize for my mini-disappearing act as of late. Life's been a tad topsy-turvy. But, things are settling down once again.

Now, I want to bring you the topic... World of Warcrafts!

This blog is supposed to cover gaming, general geekery and crafting. Now, while it does cover gaming (mainly World of Warcraft), and some general geekery (Star Trek, Conventions, etc.), I haven't done much about crafting. And I'd really like to get better about that. So, what better place to start than merging two of my favorite things? WoW and crafts!

Ever since I started playing, I've been a huge fan of the WoW Insider column World of Warcrafts. While I haven't submitted any of my own crafts, or even created any of my own WoW crafts as of yet, some of these crafts are stunning and absolutely amazing. Costumes, sculptures, robotics, t-shirts, food, toys, fanfiction, comics, machinmas, original music, tattoos, even architecture--you name it, it's more than likely been featured as a post in the column.

One of my ideas, that I have yet to create, is to make little baubles of small-ish in-game items (orbs, potions, warlock crack cookies, etc.) and make them into keychains, earrings, and charm bracelets. I think it'd be a cute niche. Even though I'm sure it's been done before. And this year, for all of the Elm-ers that have donated to fund our guild website and/or ventrilo, I plan on making Fimo ornaments of our guild crest as a holiday present.

Now, while I don't personally have any WoW-inspired crafts of my own to share, much as I would love to, I do have a few favorites of different categories I'd love to link to. So, here commences the link love!!

Fanfiction: Feral By Nature; Converging Forces (not WoW-inspired per-se, but a great read from B3 you have to check out!)
Toys: Kitty Plushies, anybody?; Harpies and Zhevras and Night Elves... oh my!; Voidwalkers... hoooooooo!
Pottery: Cross-Faction Goblet
Cosplay/Costumes/Clothing: The Scarlet Crusade at Dragon*Con none-the-less (also some ultra-props to the young woman for strutting her stuff as a larger woman--she's absolutely gorgeous)!!
Home Improvement: Lightswitch Cover

What about you guys? Do you make crafts? Do you have favorites of others' crafts? Let's see 'em! :D


  1. OMG those costumes are just Awesome, AWESOME!  

  2. I sort of knew that there was crafting going on in the WoW fandom (after all, cosplay is everywhere! *grin*) but I didn’t realize the depth of the artistic streak. I had thought that the kitty plushies (and boomchickens) were just aberrations—but the more I Google the more I find!
    This was a great topic, not only because it inspired my own crafting muses, but because there is just so much stuff out there that’s not the 2-D artwork I had anticipated. I’d been thinking of trying to do something crafty to cover my subscription fees and now I have a whole rainbow of ideas and mediums for inspiration! :D


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