Friday, September 11, 2015

Gaming Goals: September

I've been enjoying putting together this gaming goals thing I decided to try out in June. It's helped me focus my time and come up with blog posts. Just like in July, August had a lot of real life stuff, so I once again cut down on my goals some more. Or rather, I put in more goals that are things I really want to do and will keep me logging into various games.

So, without further ado, my gaming goals for September (albeit a tad late)!

WildStar Goals

  • Do some more contracts in general (PvP and/or PvE)
  • Reach max reputation in either Crimson Badlands or Northern Wastes
  • Work on completing my AMP (55) and AP (48) points
  • Record and put up at least one Yardcore Nexus
  • Down Phagemaw (GA)
  • Complete all achievements in either Celestion or Algoroc
  • Obtain two new mini-pets!
  • Check to see what my plushie collection looks like (Make a list of what I'm missing)
  • Reach level 32


  • Reach level 20 MIN
  • Reach 15 GLD
  • Reach level 15 ARC
  • Run a dungeon with Chaide and Tal


  • Purchase Togrutas! (Yay Cartel coins!)
  • Purchase 3rd character slot (Yay Cartel coins!)
  • Reach level 20 (Jadz'iaa)


  • Finish Blue Mountains
  • Run Hell (dungeon)
  • Put up first LP video!
There you have it! Come October I'll revisit the list and see what got done, and what didn't. And once again, re-evaluate based on what I'm enjoying, and what content is new to various games (or if I just want to try a new game!).


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