Monday, August 31, 2015

Marauder Feels

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As I mentioned, Chaide and I hit 30 in Final Fantasy! So we spent some time going through our level 30 quests, assuming that we'd open up our jobs immediately, but we found out that's not quite the case. That's okay, though, we'll be leveling the other class to 30 as well (mainly because he didn't mean to do ACN first).

For my level 30 quest, I was sent to go take out Kajuta. Time to take my revenge for the child and his family!

Time to explore. I'm sure he's around here somewhere. Look at this mess! I also hear he's attacked a farm nearby.

Oh hey, there he is. He's uh, bigger than I remember.

I'm glad I had some help. He seemed extremely daunting.

I really loved this cutscene, in all honesty. I think I got some of the greatest screenshots of my character so far during this whole sequence. I sometimes feel constrained by the screenshot system as is. Though I'm sure if I practiced, I'd get better with it.

Time to fight!

The fight, while straightforward, would have definitely been really difficult if I didn't know how to use my cooldowns effectively, or if I had to deal with the hyenas myself on top of Kajuta. I'm glad it was actually kind of a challenge. I was worried I'd fail it, because Skolwyb was almost dead by the time I finished.

It was sweet that they carried the boy out to see Kajuta's demise.

So I really did get hit in the feels at the end of this quest. The speech that Sighard gave about becoming a Marauder one day, and thanking me for avenging his parents made me tear up. I started crying a bit, too.

Though, I'm wondering what the next part of the Marauder/Warrior storyarc will be. Because Kajuta was pretty much the big-bad to take care of when I become "a big Marauader!". I'm hoping it's good!


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