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Community Game-Along Game Choices, Part 1

Community Game-Along

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Not too long ago I mentioned stumbling upon the Community Game-Along challenge for 2016, which featured dating sim games for January. This has apparently been put on for a few years by Apricot Sushi, and I figured why not try it out? But looking at the list, some months are going to be much easier than others. And some I just might need some suggestions, so I hope folks have some! I wanted to lay out what I wanted to play, though, so it was easier to keep track of why I had specific games in my Steam library, for instance, or which games I should purchase based on the platforms I own. Speaking of which, the platforms we have in the house include:
  • X-Box 360 (not my favorite system)
  • PS4 (not my favorite system)
  • Nintendo DSi
  • Nintendo DS (original—able to play GBA games)
  • PC
  • PS Vita
I much prefer gaming on PC if at all possible, so if you guys have suggestions, ports/emus or such to PC are appreciated. And if it's on Steam, it's even better! My handhelds are my second favorite. I'm hoping to one day get on the 3DS train for some of the games that have caught my fancy.

January: Dating Sims

In January, I mainly played Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya (did you know there's a sequel in the works?!). I didn't end up finishing it, so my plans of continuing to Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star were a moot point. I also won a copy of both Norn9 and Code Realize for the PSVita from Chic-Pixel thanks to Aksys Games! I didn't get my Vita until the start of February, though, so I didn't get to them for January. I did finally start Code Realize last week, and I have thoughts I can't wait to share in another post.

February: Fishing Games

This topic was suggested by Kimimi to Apricot. I'm not big on fishing simulators, which is ironic considering how much I enjoy fishing in MMOs. Seriously, it's my favorite thing to do in MMOs. If WildStar had it, I'd play it even more than I already do! I did search through Steam and find a game called Cat Goes Fishing, which looks like it'll be a lot of fun! I'll also be delving into FFXIV and leveling up my fishing throughout February as well. So next check, when I pick up Cat Goes Fishing, expect some thoughts.

March: Monster Hunter-likes

So I'm not quite sure what to play this month, Or what qualifies as a monster hunter-like game. I assume that Pokemon would count. So I can play some of Pokemon Pearl which Chaide got for me a while ago and I have yet to finish. Granted, I'm not sure what I'd classify as "fnishing" the game. Maybe just getting through all the story would be a nice close to the game. While I "gotta chatch 'em all", I know it's not realistic when none of my local friends have a DS.

April: Games with Yuzo Koshiro Scores

I didn't even know who this chap was until I went over to Wikipedia. He's composed and scored a lot of games. Like, huge numbers. Many of which I know, but have never really found an interest in. Most of which seem to be for the Nintendo consoles. He did the composition for Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, and I've never played a Castlevania game, but have been told I'd probably enjoy them. So I think I'll try to pick that up for DS, even if I have to cave and get it used at a GameStop or something.

May: Metroidvania

I'd heard the term Metroidvania before, but I'd never really known what kind of game it described because I've never played Metroid, or Castlevania games before. Come to find out it's a type of platformer game. Now, I guess I could play a Castlevania or Metroid game, but apparently Ori and the Blind Forest is considered a Metroidvania, and I've seen a bit of gameplay of that and think it's pretty cute. Or I could play Dust: An Elysian Tale, which I already have in my Steam Library. Which is probably the better choice to get it finished with.

June: Media Tie-in Games

This topic was suggested by BadoorSNK to Apricot. I honestly have no idea where to go for this topic. I'm not sure if they mean games that are hot right now, or games that are about or include social media, or games that are making commentary on the media in general. I guess all of these could be valid options. So I guess any suggestions are welcome! And I know Apricot will have some suggestions when June starts, but that doesn't give me much time to find a game at that point.

I think going past June, at this point, will be a bit much, so stay tuned in a few months for Part 2, as well as my thoughts on the various games I pick up for this!


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