Sunday, February 14, 2016

I'm Too Sexy For Your Party

The Bunny Leotard

Let's put on a little mood music to start us off.

On Thursday, Chaide and I hopped into The Secret World for some alt shenanigans. We've been playing Castanea and Hellviss together when we can't have the four of the core group together for leveling purposes. Sometimes Cam will join us on a toon, and sometimes Sheae will join us on a toon. Regardless, we were playing our alts on Thursday because Sheae had some prior obligations and was unable to play.

It worked out in our benefit, though. Usually when we're playing, we're recording for the Let's Play videos so I can't listen to Beyond the Veil live very often. Since we weren't recording because we were alt-ing, I was able to listen to the stream, and we headed over to the bank to get in on (what we thought) was going to be one or two Valentine's bags.

Much to our surprise, Beyond the Veil, and the folks of Otterdown just kept opening bags and had a huge bag party right on the steps of the bank. Antida also happened to have a Bunny Leotard she was giving away to the first person to whisper her, and I happened to be the first! Since I got it on Castanea, I made Chaide trade it to me on my main so that I could have it on Vina (Vin4, but I pronounce it Vina, so there). Chaide also ended up getting a red and white Elvis outfit on Hellviss, and he is super pumped.

But, isn't this outfit sexy as all get out? I'm super excited to have this. So thank you so very much, Antida! Like, so excited that I figured out how to use Fashionista (which I apparently already had downloaded...) so I could save my Egypt outfit to put this one on (and thusly saved it as well).

Jizzle Physics

First: no, that's not a typo. Second: I finally caved and downloaded Blade and Soul to try it out. Some of my friends (Fitch and Sheae to be exact) have been pestering me for weeks to download the game and play it. And while I don't particularly have the desire, I did so to humor them. I'm going to give the game a solid 20 hours/20 levels before making a final decision, but so far it's "meh". It did take me close to an hour and a half to create a character alone, so there's that. I won't be counting that in the overall play time, though.

Why did it take me that long to make a character? Well, the art style is not something I'm fond of. Water balloons on my chest, and so much shine that it looks like I'm a barbie doll are not turning me onto the game at all. Add on the legs twice the size of my torso, and proportions that wouldn't allow any woman to stand... I spent that much time trying to make myself look, well, human. Or at least as close to it as I could. Her eyes are still a bit big, but they looked weird if I went any smaller.

Like I said, I'm going to give it the 20 hours/20 levels routine, but man that'll be a miracle if I don't kill myself before then thanks to the screenshot voice over...

It took forever to get rid of the point at the end of her chin and round it out and give her a full face.


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