Thursday, August 4, 2016


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Another year, another Blaugust! Last year was my first time participating in Blaugust, and I had a lot of fun, even if it was extremely difficult to keep up with the thirty-one posts for the month. But I made it last year!

This year, Belghast is doing things a bit differently. While he will still be doing the thirty-one day thing, he's opened it up to more folks, and made it more of a "get yourself on a content creation schedule you can manage and keep up with" initiative. Which I really like.

I enjoy that it's more about content creation in general, and less about blogging. Last year he opened it up to Vloggers and such, but not many folks joined on the bandwagon. I think with the way MMO blogging has gone as of late on my own experience (folks branching out into more things, for instance, on their blogs; folks starting YouTube channels to supplement their blogs; folks creating podcasts; etc.) that it's a great way to expand participants. Especially since it's never been just about MMO or Gaming bloggers, though that's what many of us write about.

For myself, I plan on content creation of some form or another three times a week (weeks are Sunday to Saturday, for my own clarification). For me, this will include:
  • Blog posts here
  • Wildcast podcast updates posted over on MOGNation, and a link to the content posted on the blog
  • Articles written over at QueueTimes and MMOGames and snippets posted here with the full content on their respective websites
  • YouTube videos (TSW Let's Plays, Yardcore Nexus, etc.) linked to here on the blog
This is going to be kind of tough, as my therapist is wanting me to keep a personal journal of sorts at least three days a week, and work has been super demanding in the writing department as of late. But I'm going to power through it and figure it out. Even if it's just a screenshot with some funny things about it and why I took it.

I didn't ask Chaide for a birthday present this year, because I wanted to use Blaugust as a motivation for myself to blog, and then have him treat me to a belated birthday present of commissioning Ammo for some artwork for a new blog and purchasing a new domain via Safeshark. So, if I can keep up with the three times a week schedule this month, expect a blog move!


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