Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wildcast Ep. 93 (& Blaugust)

Quick Blaugust Update

So my goal for Blaugust is to try to blog three times a week to get myself onto more of a schedule. I missed out last week, with only two posts, but I started a bit late due to a crazy work schedule, and then a crazy weekend ensued.

I'm trying not to stress myeslf out about it—stuff happens, and this work project has priority over almost everything else. (I've made concessions for my sanity with a bit of gaming during dinner, and I ran two Mythics in WoW last night.) But I'm proud of myself for getting back into it, and I'm enjoying blogging again, even if it's only in a limited way.

Anyway, one of the things I'm doing with Blaugust is posting a snippet to Wildcast (which is a WildStar podcast for the unknowing) when it releases. Thanks to Avid for setting up the notes and the posts over at Mognation, and for being the ever-stalwart host. I figure it's fair to post, though, because of how much work goes into editing the audio after we record. I bow down to you folks who do this thing weekly!

Wildcast Episode 93 - Hanging With Maggie

This episode we had the pleasure to be hanging out with Margaret Krohn from NCSoft! We checked out the news, community doings, and a couple of really awesome houses. Come take a listen, and make sure to check out WildStar Hub and build something for the August CBDC!

You can always listen to our podcast over on iTunes, and visit the Mognation website for the episode and complete show notes with links!


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