Sunday, April 3, 2011

Life Changes

This is just a quick little update and heads up for any followers that I may be MIA for a few weeks. (Man! And I'm already behind on BA entries and Saga's challenge too!) The Elephant and I are in the process of moving while finishing our school semesters and working. I would honestly really like to take a break every so often from the hectic activity that is packing your life up and blog, but I cannot guarantee such an action. Hence the little notice. I will officially be back mid- to late-April, with another "official" notice. But, if I blog before then, I will be one happy camper. :D

I shall also continue to keep up with the feed reader every few days at the very least. Have to keep updated with the community SOMEHOW. ;) <3


  1. I hope everything works out fine and you don't get too stressed. :) See ya!

    Edit: This is Nairu by the way, the different ways to log in and post on blogs are just too confusing... o.O

  2. Lol, I hear ya. If you want to repost as a different name, feel free. Saz has done the same thing, hehe. :)

    And thank you! We're slated to be moving out by the 17th of April, so it's going to be a busy less-than-two-weeks. Eek!


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